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Success is reached through pragmatism. We find confidence in hard work, dedication to our clients’ needs and ingenuity. This approach has laid the bricks to our current success and we would like to share this with other clever visionaries.


The technology

The blockchain has the potential to change the way we run companies and governments. Among its most prominent benefits are data security and authentication, transparency and disintermediation.


A Blockchain is a tamper-proof data structure with superb security and a decentralized network. It cannot be hacked and includes strong encryption, multiple confirmations of transactions and transparency are also there to enhance security.


Public blockchains are available to everybody who has access to the Internet. They allow everyone to join and participate.


Blockchain solutions can be used without having to conceil any private information as they are protected by the Blockchains ultra-high security. Identities are protected using strong cryptography.


Most blockchain projects are part of or depend on existing solutions at some point in their lifespan. Hybrid solutions are part of the transition from traditional applications to blockchain based applications.


By using a blockchain based public transaction ledger only the owner of an asset can modify and transfer it without the use of an intermediary. All transactions are recorded and validated by the participants in the network.


A private blockchain is one where permissions to modify the ledger are kept restricted to one organization or consortium. Read permissions maybe public or restricted.

Who we are

Meet our team

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Reza Gholami CEO, Founder

Specialized in the field of management and organisation. A problem solver with a strong experience in government and commercial companies.

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Artemi Anisimov CEO, Founder

Specialized in private Blockchain solutions- and facilities. Experienced in state-of-the-art-mining and data-establishment in various countries.

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Sander Bilo CTO, Founder

Specialized in the field of programming and technical analyses. Experiences in working on projects for the Dutch government and commercial companies in the field of data structure, blockchain in particular.

Our management-team is backed by several technical and innovation-specialist, each specialized in different aspects of Blockchain technology. By benefiting from their aid, we stay on top of our game in one of the fastest changing technology-fields of today.